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July 31, 2006 Personal

Post wedding cleanup

I had a busy weekend again, hopefully my last one for awhile. I really need a few days to relax, possibly while being dragged at high speeds behind a boat. Unfortunately Ethan works most Saturdays, so I’m not sure if tubing will be in the cards. I might have to just go without him, as I can’t quite imagine a summer without it.

– Among other things, we finally cleaned the kitchen and put away all of our wedding presents. I no longer feel overwhelmed when I look in our kitchen, which is certainly a good thing. I’m hoping we can clean up the living room area next, but some of that might have to wait until we get an actual TV stand that holds the DVD player and VCR (and hopefully the stereo).

– Ethan’s brother moved in this weekend, so that brings about the end of our living alone together, at least for awhile. I hope that he will be a good roommate, and I also hope that the next two years go by quickly so Ethan and I can have our own space again. Maybe if we’re lucky, we can have our own space with a dog…