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June 5, 2016 Travel

Last Night at Kirkman’s Kamp

I spent the last two days busy busy busy with game drives and eating. Each day we have a game drive at 6am, breakfast around 9, lunch at 1, tea/evening game drive at 3, and dinner at 7.

Yesterday’s morning drive was really amazing. First we watched some African wild dog who had just made a kill and followed them quickly for several miles while they ran with chunks of antelope in their mouths. They’re really cool creatures and highly endangered so it was a rare sight. Next we happened upon some lions who were sunning in some grass. That pride had been missing from the park for about a month and our guide was very relieved to see them. After awhile they all got up, bumped heads, and began walking toward a distant herd of buffalo. To everyone’s great surprise, the pride of 7 lions took down two buffalo right in front of us. Our guide has been doing this for about ten years and he said this is only the sixth kill has witnessed so it was extremely lucky we got to see it.

In the afternoon we saw elephants, including one solitary elephant who had a trunk injury about nine years ago and lost a third her trunk. She was with her first baby and was unusually friendly, she brought her baby very close to the vehicle and we got a good look at both of them! Later we watched a leopard with a wounded foot have a stare down with a kudu and saw a bunch of giraffe and elephants grazing.

At the game drives today we saw more of everything, plus hippo and white rhino. This afternoon we also visited the lion pride who had taken down the buffalo. They were all laying around sleeping with huge, bloated bellies. They looked like they couldn’t move if they tried. The carcass was mostly gone and there were dozens of vultures in trees just waiting for the lions to leave so they could get the last scraps.

Before lunch today, Ethan and I went on a private wilderness walk with a guide. We got to walk through game trails for over an hour and learned about various plants, animals, insects, even the geography of the area. We also saw some smaller animals we normally don’t see on the game drives.

All in all the last two days have been amazing! I’m sad that tomorrow is our last morning here and then we fly back to Johannesburg for one night before moving to Chobe reserve. With any luck tomorrow morning’s game drive will be wonderful.

Morning Game Drive, June 4th
Evening Game Drive, June 4th
Morning Game Drive, June 5th
Evening Game Drive, June 5th

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