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May 20, 2013 Fitness , ,

One week to go

I’m running the Madison half marathon in just 7 days. Today I ran the last long run of my training plan. It was 8 miles, and a pretty good run. I ran it with Ethan and we did a good job of sticking to a target pace of about 11 min/mile. When we had about a mile and a half to go, Ethan pointed out that last year, we couldn’t have run just the distance we had left without stopping, not to mention the 6 and a half miles we had just put behind us. Thinking of that made me feel like I’ve really accomplished a lot.

At this point I’m somewhat nervous, because 13.1 miles is a long way to run! I do feel like we’ve trained adequately, and unless one of us gets injured, I think we’ll both finish. All the things I’ve read about running say that your first race of any distance, don’t run for time, run to finish, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I have an idea of what our time will probably be based on our 12 mile run a couple of weeks ago, but there are going to be more hills on the course, and it’s earlier in the day than we usually run, and we don’t know what the weather will look like. I’ll be happy as long as we finish.

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  1. jessi says...

    I just noticed your updated blog — nice! I see I have some reading to catch up on now 🙂 How did the marathon go?

    • lynnkale says...

      It went well! I intend to write a whole post about it, and would have right away, but we were staying with relatives.

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