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June 3, 2016 Travel

Arriving at Kirkman’s Kamp

Last night I was really tired and geographically confused. Thankfully that did not stop us from boarding a plane this morning and getting to Kirkman’s.

I’ve never been somewhere where staff waited on me hand and foot, so it’s a little hard to get used to. We had our first meal earlier and it was delicious, with our personal butler (what?!) tending to us.

We just got back from our first game drive. We saw water buffalo, warthog, giraffe, hippo, several varieties of antelope, countless birds, and a pack of hyenas hoping a leopard treed above would drop his dinner. The hyenas were literally right beside our vehicle!

I’m looking forward to dinner, sleep, and getting up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to go on another drive.

Photos from our first game drive

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