My thoughts on life

July 28, 2006


Ha! I finally found someone else disgusted by iPods and iTunes. I too am excited for a non-apple mp3 player that is manufactured by someone I have at least a little bit of faith in. Well, as long as it has nothing to do with Windows. Egad. We’ll see if I ever actually end up with some portable music player or continue to haul about my burned cds…

– In actual news, apparently Ethan’s aunt, uncle and cousin will be staying with us tonight, which will probably prove interesting since we really, really, badly need to clean our apartment and declutter it. Also, I have to pick up our produce share tonight (unless Ethan gets home really early or something) and Wren would like me to join her on an errand which will probably be equally horrifying and fun. I’ll let your imaginations play with that one.

– Tomorrow, I actually have to head back to mo-town to pick up (hopefully) the last of our belongings. I may just empty out my car tonight to give myself maximum space for cramming. Unfortunately, some of the items won’t cram, like plants and fish and aquariums. Actually, that’s most of what I need to retrieve. I will only be out for a few hours, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Driving three hours both ways to be somewhere for a short time does kind of suck though. Boo. Thankfully Ethan went and got my oil changed yesterday so at least I won’t have horrible thoughts of my engine giving out on me and dropping out the bottom of my car while on 94.

– Speaking of cars, I have another reason to try and find a better job – a new car. I would really, really like to buy a new car, not because I don’t like my current car, I do. It’s been a very trusty car that has given way more than it could have. On the other hand, it is fourteen years old, and I’m starting to get that nagging feeling that something is due to go horribly wrong. Ethan’s car is now officially a junker after someone took the liberty of letting themself in with a screwdriver and borrowing the cd player. I think they may just forget to return it. In addition to that, the body of his car is disintegrating and its mileage is getting up there. Two quasi-trustable cars makes me too nervous I think. It is in my nature to drive my car until it does just fall apart, and I will likely do just that, but I would like to have enough saved up so that when that happens, we can make a down payment and get a nice, slightly used vehicle that doesn’t suck. Maybe a Prius… We shall see.