My thoughts on life

July 24, 2006


Wow, so I haven’t posted in awhile… I blame that on the fact that I have been rather frantically busy trying to beat down the final details of my wedding which went off (amazingly without a hitch) on Saturday. This is my first post as a married woman. How crazy. As Ethan pointed out being married is not that different from being engaged in our case, but it was still a very exciting and beautiful day. I would make some attempt to sum it up, but most people who read this probably know how most of it went anyway, and I’m at work so the less time I take to do this, the better. I just have a few things to say…

– First, all of the hectic months of planning and stress were worth it. I don’t think the day could have possibly turned out better, and I would like to thank anyone who helped me out with the planning, as I certainly didn’t pull it off by myself, nor could I have.

– Second, if you ever wear undergarments that squish your body so that it looks all slim and smooth under, say, a silk dress, you should plan on not eating very much all day. In fact, your intestines might appreciate if you forego trying to eat. I was lucky enough to save my delicious dinner for later, when I was back in my pajamas, and had room in my torso for food.

– Third, Wren gave the sweetest toast ever, and almost made me cry. I love you Wren, and I’m glad I chose you as my maid of honor.

– Finally, if you have a barefoot wedding in summer, make sure to pour some water over the surface you will be standing on so that whiney boys don’t complain for the rest of the day about how they could barely take the heat. No pain, no gain, right?

– I should get back to work, as I’ve consumed my lunch break. Hopefully my posts will be a bit more frequent now that the biggest day of my life is behind me.