My thoughts on life

August 4, 2006


Okay, obviously I feel I’ve had an eventful day, since this is post #3… Anyway, our produce share had some fun things that we decided to eat right away. One was fresh sweet corn, likely picked last night or early this morning, so VERY fresh. It was quite yummy. Had Keith stuck around for dinner, he could have had a share, but he took off, so that left 6 ears between Ethan and I. We had no trouble polishing them off. We had been planning on making cauliflower soup, and I discovered that our cauliflower had gone rubbery. Thankfully we got more cauliflower, and it was purple! So, yes, we had purple cauliflower soup. It was incredibly yummy, especially considering it had very little fat at all (a tablespoon of butter for about four servings of soup). I even took a picture, because hey, it’s purple soup. I’m debating starting a new set on flickr for random food stuffs, but I don’t know.

Since moving, I have felt more and more motivated to get a covered litter box, since the cats have poor aim and that leaves me cleaning the floor of their messes every few days, and also leaves the bathroom smelling rather unpleasant. I finally broke down today and we headed to PetCo to get a new, un-pee-over-the-side-able litter box. While there, a cat scratching board caught our eyes. Also since moving, we haven’t had anything that is okay for the cats to scratch, so they’ve taken to the off limits couch, which is looking a little tattered at the edges now. I can’t blame them for needing something to scratch, so now they have it. The funny part is that it came with catnip to get the cats interested in scratching it right away. I’m not sure about most cats, but Pester and Peeve basically went crazy for about half an hour scratching, rubbing, tackling, rolling on and cheeking the board. It was very cute and entertaining, and hopefully means our couch can remain as intact as it is.


Wow, a responsible journalist that is trying to reduce the hype about West Nile Virus. I like the statistics about dying in your own covers. That’s somehow very amusing. I hope that if I get West Nile Virus, I end up suffocating in my covers before the virus kills me.


I’m busy getting ready for work, so I’ll make this short. I decided to put up wedding pictures on Flickr so that people who don’t need to know about this website don’t have to. I’m only about half finished with photo adding, so there will be more soon. Please feel free to share the address with anyone who might want to know and to leave comments on the photos.