My thoughts on life

June 23, 2006


Well, I’m no longer among the unemployed. I’m starting some sort of ‘loan assistant’ position in Eagan on Monday. I’ll be making much less than if I were able to find some sort of computer science related job, but much more than I’m making right now, which is nothing. And it will be enough to pay the bills. Woot.

– I just picked up our second (half) produce share this summer. We had more lettuces, a large bunch of fresh basil (does anyone know how to store basil? It always goes bad so quickly…) some more yummy, sweet radishes, and a giant (larger than bowling ball sized) head of napa cabbage. So far not much has gone to waste, just a few leaves of the various lettuces and one of our heads of pak choi from last week is rather wilty. I think I’ve consumed more greens in this last week than I have in most months, but I think that’s a good thing. I can’t think of any reason not to consume large piles of fresh leafy things. It seems to work well for rabbits and cows anyway. I’m probably much closer to the recommended 2.5 Cups of veggies a day. I’m very excited about the weeks to come – next week broccoli, snow peas, kohlrabi (yum!) and cauliflower should be arriving, in addition to the leafy greens.