My thoughts on life

July 1, 2006


It’s a bit after seven on a Saturday morning and I find myself awake. Ugh. Today I have my second fitting for THE DRESS, so… I guess I’ll see it in it’s almost finished form. Then in a week I should be picking it up. Also, I’ll be having a bachelorette party. I suddenly realized that I’ve neglected to invite Jessi and Chris to the reception… Um, hey, Jessi, if you read this, you’re invited, and we made sure there is something vegan to eat, so hopefully you can come… I’ll send an invitation in the mail.

– Almost everything is taken care of, with just a few (semi-major) things left. All dresses are done, my mom dealt with the flowers and the cake. Woot. I don’t like flowers and didn’t want them, but after about a million people were aghast at the fact that I wasn’t planning on flowers, I decided it may just be easier to get them, but I couldn’t pick out something from a category I didn’t appreciate, so sent mother to do it. It seems like a good plan. We still need chairs for the ceremony (otherwise everyone will be standing) and that is Ethan’s responsibility so maybe he can call somewhere and actually reserve them. Speaking of his responsibilities, he finally got the tuxes taken care of, so the tux wearing folks have a week to get their measurements taken. Amazingly, several of them have already. All the bridesmaids have their dresses, too.

– This was my first week working again in almost two months. It was nice to be out of the apartment and earning money, but the job otherwise is rather miserable. I’m doing part of the task of processing reverse mortgages. A reverse mortgage, if you’re curious, is where old people (you have to be at least 62) get paid for their home either as a lump sum, a line of credit, or monthly payments, and then their debt toward the bank goes up. When they sell the house or die, they have to pay it back, or the house becomes the bank’s. Yuck. My job is to take a file, remove several documents (about 60) and make sure they are properly filled out and in the perfect order, then I put them in another file and send them off to their next task, unless something is missing, or not signed or the wrong copy, then it gets sent somewhere to be fixed, maybe. If you ever get a mortgage of any kind, double check all of the signatures yourself, as apparently lenders are bad at signing things. Boo. Hmm, that’s about enough of my blabbing for the moment I think.