My thoughts on life

May 22, 2006


My parents came to start ‘fixing up’ the house this weekend. This involved (so far) painting the walls and cupboards in the bathroom upstairs, fixing the front screen door, patching the walls in the basement, moving the appliances in the kitchen so we could clean behind them, replace the melted plastic tiles next to the stove (it appears that someone had to do this before, as there were already several missing from behind the stove… why someone thought to put plastic tiles on the wall next to a stove, I’ll never know, but at least two people have decided to keep up the ridiculousness instead of getting rid of it altogether), cleaning the ceiling and walls in the kitchen and listening to my mother tell me over and over again how filthy everything is. Fun times.

– To make the weekend even more exciting, the noise and commotion confused and upset the cats, and then Peeve basically lost it when he saw the stove in the middle of the kitchen (one wonders why that is so frightening) and has since alienated his brother and is in a very unhappy mood.

– There were a couple of high points in all the unpleasantness though. We ate at the new Italian restaurant in town, which has some very yummy food, and then we rented a movie that none of us had heard of: 11:14 which was very random, yet enjoyable (if you like watching people be horribly wounded or otherwise punished for their stupidity).