My thoughts on life

May 27, 2006


Busy, busy. Ethan and I finally made arrangements for a U-Haul trailer so we can move out in a few days. We originally wanted a truck so we didn’t have to find another vehicle to tow it with, but found out that the cost would be astronomical (something like $300 for one trip, not including gas). Instead we thought of what vehicles would be available for dragging a trailer around and came up with three: Ethan’s dad’s pickup, which would have involved driving five hours in each direction to pick up the truck and drop it off again (when the vehicle in question gets barely 15 mpg, that’s not good, especially when gas costs almost $3.00/gallon); my dad’s pickup, which is really small and gutless, but my mom wasn’t too excited about that because “it would be really hard on it”; and finally my parents’ suburban. Suburbans are neat in some ways, like the ability to take the seats out and cram lots and lots of stuff in them. They’re also unneat when they’re quite old and rusting apart, in questionable condition, and the tabs are expired. This will be an exciting move I think. Perhaps we should take dad with us in case we get pulled over for being in a vehicle with expired tabs that is barely roadworthy…

– Last night we went to see X3 which was better than predicted, though still pretty lacking compared to its predecessors. I’ll admit I have a big crush on Hugh Jackman and his ass-kicking skills which does make any movie he’s in a little more enjoyable.

– I should probably go get ready to face the day. My parents are coming up for the day (again) to repair our very badly broken screen door. Maybe they’ll buy some more paint too… Off I go