My thoughts on life

May 18, 2006


Well, my grades are finally all back, so it’s official — I graduated. That’s another of those things that have been nagging me for no reason. The horrible feeling that somehow I failed one of my classes and I’d have to take at least one more course to graduate has been present in the back of my mind. Thankfully that’s not the case. So go me! I’m done.

– Steph is mostly moved out now, with just a few of her belongings remaining, and Serrah has completely moved out. I discovered after she left that apparently some people can graduate from college without knowing how to vacuum a room properly. Along with clogging one of our vacuums by sucking up a hair clip and some receipts (which led to her just pushing more garbage around, I’m sure) she left all kinds of things all over the floor which were not exactly vacuum friendly, like bobby pins. After picking up downstairs, I went over it with our newer bagless vacuum and filled the canister. In disbelief, I emptied it and started again. All told, I filled the canister three times! Apparently that’s how dirty that carpet gets when you only vacuum it intermittently (and not very well) for two years. The poor carpet needs a shampooing because there are multiple mystery spots, but I don’t have a carpet cleaner, so that will have to wait.

– I’m sort of on vacation (except for the bursts of frenzied cleaning) as I don’t have a job, I’m in the middle of nowhere and school is all done. Really I should be trying to find a job and finish planning my wedding, but I’m still feeling rather beat, and It’s hard to plan a wedding from so far away. So for now, I guess I will continue to be a bum and play video games. Fun fun.