My thoughts on life

May 12, 2006


Well, here it is: my last day of finals, ever. I’m not too worried about my last exam, as it’s open book, open notes and I’ve done moderately well in the class. I also am having a farewell lunch at work today. That will be interesting.

– This weekend Ethan and I are headed to the cities, though I’m not sure how we’ll get the cats fed. Steph or Serrah (or both) might be moved out by then and then we’ll have another set of keys if anyone is feeling generous and catly. I’m not sure why I want to go to the cities so badly, but man, I don’t want to stay here. Since Ethan’s sister is graduating, and she lives in the cities, Ethan’s parents will be up so we’ll be dining with his family once or twice over the weekend. That should be fun as usual. It does make me wonder what Ethan thinks when he goes to dinner with my family, especially my extended family…

– Last night we watched Dune (the 1984 version) which was… not good. I can’t say I had high hopes, but it was really a disappointment from the book. Next in our queue is a newer version, possibly put forth by the SciFi channel. While SciFi channel movies scream ‘crappy’ I am crossing my fingers that the newer version will be better.