My thoughts on life

May 8, 2006


This weekend I tried using bright red hair henna after using up my red henna. As far as I can tell, there isn’t a huge difference. This ‘bright’ stuff might be a little bit lighter in color perhaps? I think I’ll stick to the plain red stuff in the future. I like the crazy copper color that it gives me for the first few days. I’m a strange fan of really vibrant colors, and hair that seems to glow with an inner light.

– Well, I’m up early on the Monday of my finals, and I have to work this afternoon, but I have some assignments to finish, and so here I sit in the dungeon, without any tea in me, waiting for a simulation to finish so I can write a few paragraphs about it. Fun. I’m having a little trouble not nodding off onto the keyboard…

– In random but possibly exciting news, I think I may have finished registering for gifts! Ethan and I are now registered at Williams Sonoma (at the behest of my mother and aunt) and at Bed, Bath and Beyond, because it seemed like a good idea at the time and I thought we should have decent towels. I’m counting on at least a few people just giving us money, so I’m refusing to stress myself out over the rather small number of things on either registry. Anyway, if they start to look really picked over, I can always add more, right?

– On a similar note, I ordered the invitations this morning. Spending that much money on paper makes me feel physically ill. Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t had my tea yet. Ooh, speaking of tea, if you want to buy us something for the wedding, but aren’t excited by the stuff on the registries, feel free to hop down to Adagio Teas and buy something there. Yummy tea. There’s also all kinds of neat little tea things there, like brewing pitchers and tea sets. Actually, I think Ethan may leave me if I get more tea, so maybe that’s not such a good idea. Hopefully in our new apartment there will be a cabinet just for tea…

– Well it looks like my simulation finished so I need to get back to work.