My thoughts on life

May 5, 2006


Today is my last day of classes as an undergraduate (assuming all goes to plan). I’m actually way too physically and mentally exhausted to really enjoy it, and I have one paper, one problem set, one presentation and three final exams to finish before I’m home free. Hopefully after that I can drive down to the cities and just start begging for jobs. Or dresses.

– Somehow I think my life isn’t going to slow down until after July 22nd. The more I think about all of these things, the more I want to elope. Really I want to be married to Ethan, I don’t care about a ceremony, or a dinner, or another dinner or a shower or a dress or gifts. The whole idea of it just makes me feel tired.

– Heh, the best part is, people keep asking how they can help, which should be a good thing, but when I tell someone “try to find x,” instead of coming back with suggestions, everyone just comes back harassing me about what I want. I have trouble deciding what I want for dinner on any given night. How should I know what kind of flowers I want? I don’t even like flowers.

– I’m starting to seriously doubt that people get excited about their own weddings, unless they paid someone else large sums of money to just make the whole thing work without their thinking about it. Or maybe if they’re into the planning thing and they don’t have any other obligations, like work, school, or a social life of any kind. Bleah.

– By the way, if you think you are feeling a little too secure about your body to be an American female, go to a dress shop and try on a few dresses. You’ll realize just how far from manequin-like you are, and then not want to wear anything but sweatshirts and pajama pants for a few days. (clearly I’m having a good day)