My thoughts on life

April 28, 2006


I put up pictures of my ring. It’s really hard to take pictures of your own hand apparently, so for one of them I put it back in the case. The pictures really don’t do it justice, since my camera isn’t good at close up images and a flash just isn’t the same as sunlight. Too bad it’s cloudy out, otherwise I could give the neighbors reason to believe I’m nuts and take pictures of my hand out on my porch…

– In completely unrelated news, I just heard back from our prospective apartment building and we’re approved to move in. This sounds silly but I feel really relieved. For some reason I had this horrible feeling that they would decide we weren’t worthy of their awesome, fantastic apartment, but apparently we are. Unfortunately we still don’t know when we’ll be able to move in, but they said they would let us know as soon as they do when our apartment will be free. (dances)