My thoughts on life

April 18, 2006


I had a crazy, exciting and BUSY weekend. It started on Friday when Ethan totally surprised me by giving me a ring! Apparently this is only a surprise to me as he managed to tell everyone but me about this. It’s really pretty with rubies and leaves… I’ll have to put up some pictures.

– Shortly after the ring-giving, Ethan and I headed to the cities for some apartment shopping. We brought our bikes to Trail Cycle to get a tune up for me and an overhaul for Ethan. The man there estimated the cost at around $40 – $50. He offered to stay open late for us on Saturday since it would be difficult (or maybe impossible) to pick up the bikes sooner since we were apartment viewing all day. When we actually went to pick up the bikes, the bill came to a whopping $16.85. That’s not a typo. If you live in the Twin Cities, I have to recommend this place for bike repair.

– We looked at one duplex and three apartments on Saturday and while the duplex was kind of dumpy, the apartments were all nice. We chose one that is just unbelievably nice. It has in unit washer/dryer and dishwasher, two bathrooms, a community room and an exercise room, plus a community vehicle and it’s right across the road from one of the Hiawatha Light Rail stations. It really is just a fabulous place. I can’t wait to move in.

– On Saturday evening Wren hennaed my hair which turned a brilliant red (hooray) and Ethan and I finally went back to my parents’ house to watch TV…

– Sunday morning we went to my aunt Chrissie’s place for brunch and then after stuffing ourselves, we headed back home. Not too much has happened since then, except that I still don’t have a job (boo) and I’m tired of looking (more boo) and I still have homework to do (uber boo).