My thoughts on life

April 6, 2006


In totally unhelpful news, I bought a peppermill today. This is decidedly neat since we’ve only had pre-ground pepper. I discovered that pepper is strangely expensive in comparison to other spices (like ground coriander and Hungarian paprika for instance) and was informed by the co-op volunteer that pepper plants only grow well in a small region of the world and used to be much more expensive in the very long ago. Very interesting I think.

– Along with that purchase, I bought a small, inexpensive food scale, which is handy for those recipes we have that call for 4 oz of something. It’s much easier to just weigh it than trying to find a weight to volume conversion table, and then end up doing much more conversion because they only have grams to teaspoons and you have to get ounces to cups…

– Ethan and I ordered a few sample invitations. I think the online stores are sort of underhanded, since they have all these pictures of invitations where you can’t see the print at all (much less any fine detail) and then just tell you how much they cost. I wonder if anyone just orders something when they can’t tell what it says. I’m starting to think that going to a place where you can sit down and look at the invitations might be better. I also ordered a catalogue, so maybe that will help.

– Strangely, I just finished lab, much much earlier than I expected to, and now I’m going to go home and bang my head against the wall over various other things that need doing — By the way, Wren, if I’m in the cities next weekend, could you help me henna my hair? If the weather is nice we could do it outside and avoid getting henna everywhere.