My thoughts on life

March 29, 2006


I encounter a homework assignment yesterday that made me want to get drunk. I know that’s a really bad thing, looking at homework and wishing to dash your sobriety with a little booze, but damnit, what a terrible assignment. I finished the homework (how well I did is yet to be discovered, but I did finish it) and then decided to take off my morning classes today. I need a break.

– I ended up talking to my mother for a bit and she gave me mixed messages about how I need to get a move on planning the wedding, but I better do well in school and I better not put off my education to find a job or plan a wedding. I really just need more hours in my day I think. Many more hours.

– She did point out a few things I could register for, and so that’s one more thing to add to my plate. Things yet to take care of:

  • Pick out and register for gifts
  • Find a dress
  • Pick a tux rental place, begin prodding various male participants to get fitted
  • Figure out how flowers are done
  • Meet with Chef about reception dinner
  • Find a cake person, pick out a cake
  • Find a photographer
  • Decide what kind of music to have
  • Get rings
  • Figure out hair/makeup
  • Get a formal list of guests
  • Pick out and buy invitations
  • Do we need a limo???

I wouldn’t doubt that there are other things I haven’t mentioned. Egad. My mother had me looking at $1000 cook wear. I don’t know what to think about that. That is something in my “maybe someday” fantasies, but I can’t expect people to buy that for me, can I? She said I can always register at a fancy place and a cheap place so that people with different budgets have different options, but I can’t bring myself to register for anything at Target. Maybe Sears. We could pick out a blender or something. I don’t know. I think this whole thing is making me kind of crazy. And verbose. More so than usual.

– In a completely unrelated note, Firefox turned to crap a couple of days ago for no apparent reason and refused to recover. I reinstalled it, but to no avail. Finally I deleted everything I had related to Firefox (extensions, bookmarks, the works) and reinstalled it again, and now it seems to be back to normal, without a few of my favorite necessities…