My thoughts on life

April 19, 2006


More exciting news — I got a job interview for Friday. Unfortunately this means that I will have to miss my classes, but since a job is very important to me right now, I can’t complain too loudly.

– Also pretty exciting (or neat anyway) I signed up for a produce share for this summer, through Easy Bean Farm which means that we will have fresh, organic produce all summer, for much less than we would spend on unripe, unfresh, factory farmed produce at the grocery store. The best part is it helped me find a co-op that is pretty close to where we’ll be living, it’s only 6 miles away, so it’s conceivable that Ethan and I could bike there. That might require one or both of us getting a rack for our bike, which is something I’ve kind of wanted for awhile but have never been willing to fork out for.