My thoughts on life

March 8, 2006


Yesterday became sort of interesting when the power went out in most of the city… stranding us in the dark for over a half an hour. I was at work and while the generator kicked in to power the servers, the rest of the building was in darkness and silence, including the part that has an emergency light that is supposed to turn on in the event of a power outage. In the process of getting it down to see what was the matter, I found myself standing on a reel of cable, tugging at a light with a screwdriver trying to pry the tabs loose. As you can imagine it ended somewhat badly with the light suddenly springing loose and then injuring me several times as I tried to catch it during its descent. The light survived in spite of the fact that I failed to catch it, and my thumb survived with several nasty looking but more or less superficial wounds. The eventual diagnosis for the light: the battery was mostly lifeless. After that Brad and Josh had extension cord fun with a construction light until the power eventually came back up.