My thoughts on life

February 27, 2006


Well, I had quite the weekend. Ethan left for Madison to attend his Grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, while I stayed here to attend classes and work… except that I have neither of those things on Saturday or Sunday, so my weekend became very dull. I ended up playing a ridiculous and rather disgusting amount of Puzzle Pirates which is just plain sad. I did attend the Vagina Monologues which were very entertaining and even sort of comforting.

– I’m at work right now and apparently the thermostat has had the electronic version of an aneurism. It is cooling off the building, unfortunately with me in it. Tomorrow I may have to bring a thermometer (and a blanket) to work. I really don’t think it’s necessary to expend energy cooling a building when it is below freezing outside. No wonder this company is losing money.