My thoughts on life

February 23, 2006


This weekend I’m planning (if I can get someone to go with me) to go the Vagina Monologues. Last night after watching North Country, Steph and Ethan noticed an anti-VM poster, which caught their eyes. I decided to investigate this matter further, wondering what sort of group is against female empowerment and expression. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s a conservative “women should be in the home” kind of group, called Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute. What bothers me is that it pretends to be pro-feminism with slogans like “women aren’t just their bodies” and “women aren’t victims,” but then when you get to the heart of the matter, they’re basically saying that women shouldn’t be proud of stepping out from traditional female roles. Real empowering. Maybe instead of having an income while Ethan goes to grad school, I’ll just stay home with the cats and cook and clean. I’m sure that will be rewarding as well as financially sound. After all, sacrificing my femininity for a career is actually less empowering in the long run…