My thoughts on life

February 22, 2006


I made an appointment at David’s Bridal for the 11th. There will be dress trying and vows to exercise and diet by all. Don’t I make dress shopping sound like fun?? I did actually go work out last night, so I can’t feel too guilty, but I need many more trips to the gym before I’ll feel completely okay in a dress. I could be like some insane girls I knew in high school who fasted for a week before prom. I bet that made the dancing and whatever else happens at prom really fun. I think I’ll just try to eat more oatmeal and jog occasionally. I’d really like to get the original Buns of Steel, but it only comes on VHS and I barely have a VCR… I wonder if I could get one of those home video to DVD places to make a copy for me…

– I found a really neat listing for a job that I would love to have in the Twin Cities. I even wrote up a cover letter (which is amazing considering my general lack of motivation recently; just look at how often I’ve been updating my site). The trouble is I’ve never written a cover letter before, so I’m afraid it is somehow stupid or inappropriate and I would rather impress someone than have them immediately discard my letter and resume and move on to the next lucky boy or girl. I’m just trying to keep up the idea that it will all work out in the end.