My thoughts on life

March 12, 2006


Well, I think overall the dress fitting yesterday went well. Even though I was very specific on the phone that I was only looking for bridesmaid dresses, the consultant (or saleswoman or whoever she was) seemed somewhat surprised upon our arrival when we spotted the dress already picked out and flocked over to it. She even asked if this was for the bridesmaids or the bride. Shortly after we were whisked off to a changing room (which strangely had no mirrors inside, but was walled in mirrors outside) and everyone got to try on their prospective dress. I believe we determined that even though a few adjustments may need to be made, the dress style was a hit overall.

– I almost made it out of there unscathed when someone spotted a dress outside (next to a giant sign promoting their $99 dress sale) and said I had to try it on and I was dragged back into the store. The dress (which was NOT $99) did not fit me, and had a long trail. I had already explained to our sales rep that the wedding would be outside and that I didn’t want a dress that any part touched the ground. I’m not sure why all of the dresses were so long. I’ve never in my life had trouble with things being too long for me, ever. She brought out dress after dress that was both too long (I had to lift the front so I didn’t step on it and trip) and didn’t fit (apparently women my size should have breasts about 3 cup sizes bigger). She did manage to add insult to injury twice by first putting me in a dress that seemed to fit (except the chest) and then saying that I would actually need one size larger, then she brought me some fun foam pads to stick into the dress to try to fill the void… which didn’t come close to helping. The foam things did look nice under my tank top after I took off the dresses though. Maybe I should have kept them as a free gift.

– Thankfully I was allowed to leave after that, and I went to see a movie with Angie and Wren, which helped me forget the day’s events. I even ran into Wren’s parents, which is always fun. We saw ‘Failure to Launch’ (as long as Ethan is at home and I’m out here, I might as well see a chick flick, right?) which was pretty funny and had a strangely good soundtrack.

– After the movie, Wren went back home and Angie and I went to The Orchid, which is a really popular vietnamese restaurant right next to the theater. We weren’t very hungry, but I had told her it was really good, so we decided to give it a shot. We all had a rather disastrous lunch, which I forgot to mention, so it seemed some sort of makeup meal was in order. The Orchid had wonderful food. I got the spicy tofu and Angie got stir fried vegetables with beef (I think) and we both thought our food was delicious. I got some hot jasmine tea there too and thought that was very yummy.

When we both decided to box up our food, we headed back to my parents house and both talked on the phone with our guys and then went to sleep. It was a long day (and I haven’t even told you the first half of it). I’m happy to be heading home today, to see my Ethan again. I’m sure Angie feels the same way about her Matt.