My thoughts on life

December 24, 2005


Well, I didn’t get the job (suck). It really only takes one little email for someone to crush your dreams I guess. Anyway, our solstice gathering went quite well. Jessi, Chris and Liz all showed up and they brought food and presents. Jessi apparently has been making soap and she gave me some, which all smells really nice and is rather pretty. Now my interest is piqued and I’d like to try making some myself. I do have a million and one other projects to finish first, like my quilt I started…. in high school? Wow. The sad part is that it has been nearly finished for years. I just haven’t taken the final steps. Silly me.

– I’m back at my parents’ place and I keep remembering I don’t have a car because Ethan drove it to Madison. I was going to go grocery shopping and suddenly realized that it would be a bit more difficult than I first thought. Wren said she would give me a ride though, so as soon as she is done getting ready, off we’ll go to buy food stuffs.

– There’s not much else to report on as not much happens around here.