My thoughts on life

December 19, 2005


(sigh) Just one final to go and I’m done with this semester. Then just one more semester to go… At any rate, I’m almost done.

– I just found a listing for a local job that would be much better than what I’m doing now. I submitted an application this morning and hopefully I’ll hear back soon. It’s a position for making web pages, which is exactly what I want to do. Even though the company I work for supposedly does do web hosting and web design, they don’t actually. If I get this job it would mean a rather drastic pay cut, but honestly, the extra $30/week probably aren’t worth what I have to put up with right now. Even better, I won’t have to answer the phone and talk to people who don’t know anything about their computer and put up a fight when you try to help them… It certainly would be nice to have a job that didn’t make me want to poke my eyes out with my thumbs.

– This weekend was rather traumatic. A girl from school is looking for a new home for her cat and I thought I would have her cat meet my cats and see if everyone got along. In short, they did not. In fact, Peeve was so beside himself that he became rather aggressive with Pester, who was then freaked out by that and they both were unhappy about Taver, the visiting cat… After one night of listening to Peeve and Pester growl at each other from across the room while Taver hid under the basement stairs, I decided our little experiment in cat-meeting was over, and asked his owner if she could come pick him up. It took another day and a half before my cats were acting with some semblance of normality. I was kind of freaked out because they’re usually so lovey with each other. I think Peeve actually has post traumatic stress syndrome, because even after Taver left, and when Pester wasn’t in the room, he would slink around and wouldn’t finish his food. That’s so not like him. Poor kitty.

– Angie, Matt, Ethan and I went bowling on Saturday, and it would have been fun, except they stuck us on a lane next to the bumper lane… and then little kids showed up. (shudder) I really don’t like kids. They make me nervous. Also, they bother me and I usually want to smack them. These kids weren’t doing anything overtly annoying but still, they were there. We did go to Don’s afterward and that was fun. We actually finished our fries and each had sandwiches and shakes. Yum.

– Bleah, I should go to work… and then try to come up with a grocery list, so we can actually make food for our little solstice get together on Wednesday. I found a few yummy meals that we should be able to make, and they’re all vegan too, so Jessi and Chris can enjoy everything.