My thoughts on life

December 12, 2005


This weekend I gave my presentation, which apparently went well, in spite of the fact that I had a nagging headache since I woke up on Saturday. Unfortunately I have to make a final revision to my paper, mostly because my last revision didn’t quite make it to the table (I blame duplicating services, which takes about 5 days to churn out some copies… I could have made the copies for the seminar in a hour or less using my printer at home…). I’m starting to really see this class as a final vaccination I need before being released into the real world. I just want to get it over with and not linger over it anymore. Bleah.

– In very different news, I got almost all of my holiday shopping done. There are a few more things I should grab, but nothing major. Oh, and also I still haven’t received my first shipment from Amazon. I ordered it November 8th… it hasn’t shipped yet. I ordered several other things on the 30th, and I’ve gotten all of them. If they don’t come by the 23rd, I will be extremely disappointed, especially since they say it should ship by the 14th. If not, I’m telling them I want free shipping and a discount if they ever want my business again. Much frustration.

– I might be adding to my zoo. A girl from my school apparently has a cat that she just can’t devote enough time to. In his best interest, she is trying to find him a home. I’m going to introduce the cats on Friday and sort of baby-sit this weekend. If everything goes well, he may become a permanent part of the family. I’m excited to meet him and see how he gets along with Pester and Peeve.

– The final week of classes is upon me, and after that I have my finals. I’m going to be so relieved to be able to sleep in and have some time to myself when I’m not worrying about homework. I need a few good days curled up in bed with Ethan and a movie or a book. We can eat leftovers and do nothing all day. That’s my idea of a vacation. Just two more weeks and I can enjoy it.