My thoughts on life

January 4, 2006


Oh my, it’s been awhile since I posted last… Well I had a fun (if a bit boring) time at my parents’ house. I got a lot of cool things and I intended to take a bunch of pictures, but only got a few. While there I found this website, griddlers.net where you can do these puzzles… I have become utterly obsessed. That’s actually part of the reason I haven’t posted. How sad is that?

– I was able to tear myself away long enough for new years and then lots of hanging out after new years. Jessi Gurr invited us over to bring in the new year, and we had a good time, though apparently no one among us was fit to stay up very late anymore. The following day, we were invited back to share a southern/vegan new year dinner/lunch. It was really tasty and filling. Later we played several games and found out that Ethan is a terrible liar… and that Ethan and I together don’t know much trivia from the early eighties. It was really fun to just hang out all evening though.

– Yesterday I went to the doctor to have someone look at one of my moles (or so I thought) and ended up having four of them removed. I don’t have a problem with that, except that I was sort of in the middle of my work day, not to mention I’m not allowed to remove my bandages for 24 hours, and until then I can’t get them wet. It is very difficult to avoid getting your back and sides wet in the shower, so I had to wash my hair in the sink this morning. Hopefully the rest of me will simply smell nice until this evening. Strangely, the doctor gave me painkillers with codeine in them… I took one last night because it is uncomfortable to lay down and I thought I might have trouble sleeping, but really, I haven’t felt anything more than discomfort since the Novocaine (which was actually much more painful than the holes in my sides and back). For now I’ll just take tylenol and see what happens.