My thoughts on life

November 14, 2005


Woot! I did it! There are probably little links on some pages that don’t work, and I’ll have to spend the next few weeks finding and exterminating them, but it says right on the home page that this is a work in progress, so who can complain?

– I’ll be adding more skins I think. I came up with one today actually (curtain), and similarly, it has a few things that still need doing, but overall it’s finished. I really need to write something up for all of them, like what browsers/settings each is best for. If you are using Internet Explorer, now is the time to creep into a corner and cry, and not just because your computer is inevitably infected with all kinds of malicious crap, but because the makers of your browser don’t love you enough to make IE standards compliant. (try something better). Anyway, here it is! Please let me know if you find anything horribly wrong so I can fix it ASAP.


I’m getting close to switching over to version 3.0 of this site. I might actually be able to do it tonight, depending on how busy I am. I think it will take an hour or two to do… and that’s assuming everything goes well. I’m really excited about switching over. It will make it easier for me to add new features, skins and content. It’s also easier to make certain parts of the site members only, so if you are a frequent visitor, and you haven’t become a member yet, you should! In the new set up, I have a gallery of pictures of me and my friends which will be members only, among other things.

– Yesterday Ethan and I let the chinnies run around the kitchen. We decided to let Pester in on all the fun too. Of course Rooster came out first, and ran happily around the kitchen, chasing Pester if he got too close. Bella only came out once or twice, and then hung out in Rooster’s cage for a while. I think Pester was really freaked out. Rooster seems to see everything as climbable, including cats. He made a few attempts to scale Pester, who would immediately run away. There isn’t much funnier than a cat afraid of rodents. I took a few pictures, but no one would sit still very long, so I couldn’t get many.