My thoughts on life

November 16, 2005


Web giants back anti-spyware push – I think this is a major step in the right direction. I see computers every day that are just riddled with adware and spyware. The worst part is, most people don’t even know that these programs exist and think their computer is slow and glitchy because it’s old or has “too much stuff on it.” I think the “Trusted Download Program” is a good idea, just because it will help bring awareness to consumers. It’s hard to say what sort of impact this will have though, when you consider the adware and spyware that use security holes in Internet Explorer to download onto your computer without the user’s permission. Also, most people don’t really read any disclaimer information or end user agreements, they just click next until the program they want is installed. It is very easy to unintentionally download something that wreaks havoc on your computer, and most people never even know what’s happening.

– Yesterday it suddenly became winter. It got very cold and very windy and snowed. With the way the wind was blowing yesterday, I was surprised our garbage can was still in our yard and our house is intact. The screen door doesn’t latch very well and blew open and against the house for who knows how long, and in the morning the little piston that swings the door shut was bent. Amazingly the door still shuts (but still doesn’t latch). Brrr.

– This year we’re going to spend Thanksgiving with our friends Jessi and Chris, and possibly Jessi’s family. Our friends are vegan which will hopefully make the whole Thanksgiving thing a little easier on Ethan and I. It’s kind of frustrating (though perfectly understandable) to sit down to dinner and have all of the food contain meat, or worse, be a vegetable dish that has so much sugar added you would think it was candy. Why aren’t vegetables good enough on their own? Hopefully Jessi wants a ton of food at her Thanksgiving bash, because Ethan and I are planning on bringing mashed potatoes, roasted squash risotto, wild rice soup, and anything else that pops into our heads by the time next Thursday rolls around. Speaking of which, I should probably email Jessi and make sure she knows what we’re planning…