My thoughts on life

November 13, 2005


Yesterday was very cold and dark and dreary, and Ethan and I got sort of dragged down whilst shopping for food and other things. We decided we’d head to the library and get some bad movies (Reign of Fire, Punisher and Underworld), then head to the liquor shop and buy some booze and have a somewhat drunken bad movie night. We got Tanqueray and discovered that it puts the gin we’ve purchased in the past to absolute shame. I suddenly understand how people can drink gin martinis.

– The movies weren’t as bad as some I’ve seen, though Punisher was somewhere between hideously awful and really funny. I guess it depends on what the writers were going for… There were scenes that were genuinely funny, but the overall feel of the movie was not, so they just seemed out of place. Reign of Fire had the potential to not suck. The graphics were good and the acting was fine, but the writing was just terrible. If they had just taken teh time to do one or two revisions or something, it could have been a good movie, but it lacked all kinds of simple things, like resolution. Underworld was alright too. It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse. A couple of fairly key characters were completely vacuous, and what I’m guessing were attempts to keep the film mysterious just made it confusing.