My thoughts on life

November 11, 2005


Hmm… Yesterday was a very long, busy day, but in a good way. First I had my business ethics class in the morning, which is usually fun. We had a class discussion about a sexual harassment suit that got rather heated. I really have to wonder how the male brain works sometimes…

– Next, I spent several hours on my Sem II paper, and then cleaned my chinnie cages, as I mentioned yesterday. I talked to JessiGurr and she invited Ethan and I over for a Jamaican dinner (which was really yummy and filling by the way) at 6:30. Before that, I went to a vegan speaker, who was sadly not very eloquent and didn’t have very good reasons for anything he said… Then dinner and hanging out with Jessi and Chris, then we made a mad dash over to Angie and Matt’s place to watch CSI (crazy good episode, damn them for ‘to be continued’!) and Without a Trace. By the end of yesterday, I thought my class had happened the day before.

– On a completely random note, I’m trying the White Tangerine, which is fruity and mild. In the words of Rachael Ray, Yummo!