My thoughts on life

October 28, 2005


Oh my… it kind of looks like I have been neglecting my site a lot. I really haven’t been. I have been making all kinds of changes to the new version (which probably still won’t be up for a few weeks). As I’ve mentioned before, some things are going to fall by the wayside, including a few of the skins. I am actually making a replacement for the Stars skin using Blender. I was going to make a Halloween skin and have that as the default for a bit, but I got completely side tracked and there’s no way the new site will be up by then. It is easier for me to mess with the default skin in the new version though, so I may eventually come up with random ones for various seasons etc. and change it around. Maybe soon I’ll have a wedding skin…

– I think I’ve forgotten to mention this for the most part, but our house is in the process of being resided (which is really, really loud, by the way) and that is rapidly coming to its conclusion. It’s pretty crazy how fast it has actually gone… The only guy working on it started last week and will probably finish on Monday or Tuesday. After that I’ll actually be able to sleep in past 8:00am on Monday through Saturday. I will be really happy when this is all done.