My thoughts on life

October 26, 2005


Well I got over the talcum powder. Not in time to make it to all of my classes, but I got over it. I managed to give blood yesterday, which is always a plus. I think I had a really new nurse, because she didn’t get my vein right away (they usually don’t have trouble) and she sort of had a supervisor hanging out (who got the needle in in one try). I sort of forgot about the non-alcoholic beverage thing they usually mention after giving blood, and had a drink later in the evening. If you’re ever looking for a way to get rather intoxicated off of very little alcohol, I recommend giving blood and then drinking…

– Angie and Matt came over last night for Nip/Tuck, which was a pretty interesting episode. It looks like next week’s will be even better. There’s always so much suspense. I sometimes feel like I’m watching some kind of intelligent soap opera.