My thoughts on life

October 24, 2005


Egad! I just got talcum powder in my eye! While that doesn’t hurt a great deal, it does prevent me from wearing my contact comfortably… so no I’m blind in my left eye. That could make for an interesting (or possibly just really annoying) day…

– I had an enjoyable, laid back weekend. It mostly consisted of sitting at the computer and watching tv. We were going to watch Corpse Bride, but then sort of planned poorly and that didn’t happen. We did run into Scadlock (a friend of Ethan’s) who has been away for many months… Ethan ended up having a very long philosophy type discussion with him while I worked on my refactoring lab.

– I’ve actually made great strides on this page this weekend. Almost all of the content has been converted. I just have a few pages to finish and then it will be presentable to the world. I should come up with one or two more skins first…


~.º.§ DREAM §.º.~ I had some crazy dreams last night. The first was that I was at work, but Jessi was still there (sort of) and she was pointing out the incompetantce of the owners by showing me an ad they ran that had people smoking not tobbacco. I found this rather amusing. Then she offered me the pipe from the ad, fully packed, right before the staff meeting. Tired of dealing with the owners in a sober state, I smoked it. Somehow, despite my continued smoking in front of the owners (near a ‘smoke free building’ sign) the owners were oblivious. The meeting continued as per usual, only I was quite a bit more relaxed…

– The second dream… well I’m not going to get into that right now. It was really weird.