My thoughts on life

October 29, 2005


I ordered tea from Adagio Teas several days ago and it was supposed to arrive today. Instead it’s just been mysteriously “on delivery truck en route to destination” since 6:00am. Somehow I’m guessing that it simply won’t come today, and therefore won’t make it until Monday. How annoying. I’d really like to try some tea… I ordered a white tea sampler and a white flavors sampler which is basically white tea with fruit in it. I’ve never had white tea of any kind before and I like that this site has samplers and sample sizes. Their prices are really reasonable too, which is certainly a plus. I decided to take my little water boiler home from work on Friday because I’m not at work enough for it to come in handy, and we have a ton of tea that needs drinking. There are probably a dozen varieties of tea (if not more) taking up a cupboard… perhaps I shouldn’t have ordered more… but anyway, I’d like to drink more tea. So damn you FedEx for not delivering my package when you said you would!

– I worked on the new version of this site quite a bit today and managed to throw together a search function that allows you to search posts for a word or phrase by year. It’s pretty neato burrito if you ask me. Perhaps now I’ll continue working on the new stars skin.