My thoughts on life

October 13, 2005


Last night, on a total whim, I decided to try and learn Dvorak. If you don’t know, that’s an alternative keyboard layout. Supposedly you can type quite a bit faster in it once you learn the keys. Even so, it’s a bit difficult to learn when you’ve been able to type in qwerty without looking at your hands for several years. I did some searching and found a really helpful site for learning dvorak. I also found a rather strange site called 43 things. It seems to be a place for people with common goals to get together and share their experiences. There are many (more than 43) things you can choose from that you would like to do, or have already done. When you join a group, you can see what other people have said about that goal. It’s pretty neat.

– Ethan’s parents are supposed to arrive today and then we’re going to tell them about the exciting thing I mentioned before… I still won’t be able to put it up here until I tell my parents this weekend, but perhaps with all of this, most people could guess what the exciting thing is.

– The printer and sheets arrived yesterday (how odd that things ordered weeks apart arrive on the same day) and we tried both out. The printer is awesome (though very large). I printed code that was syntax highlighted, a few pictures, and various other things. This printer is higher resolution than our older one, so we can print better looking black and white things too. It’s sort of designed to do images and text while our old one is for text only. The sheets could be better… They feel really stiff to me, but I think they just need to be broken in. They don’t yet compare to my other good sheets (despite being made by the same manufacturer), but hopefully with a few washings they’ll be soft and nice.