My thoughts on life

October 18, 2005


Hmm, I know I wrote up a whole post last night, but apparently I failed to actually POST it. Anyway, for those few who might read this that haven’t heard from me yet, the exciting news is out: Ethan and I are getting married!

– We don’t have any details actually worked out yet, like exactly when or where we want to have the ceremony, but at the moment we’re thinking next July. One place I’d really like to check out is Carpenter Nature Center where they have plenty of outdoor places that would be scenic and accommodating. The only thing I worry about is they don’t seem to be aimed toward larger parties, everything is for 50 people or so. Angie assures me that having fewer people at the ceremony than the reception is just fine. I really don’t know though, everything is still up in the air.

– As most of you could probably assume, my parents and Ethan’s parents (and brother and sister) all were informed this weekend. Ethan’s family all seemed very excited, though not terribly surprised. I guess they saw this coming before we did. My parents were quite a bit more surprised. They didn’t have too much of a reaction, but I’m pretty sure their overall feeling was good.

– We spent a goodly part of the weekend fixing my friend Wren’s parents’ computer. That was fun… and time consuming. I got my hair cut (and am now dying it since it had this crazy two-tone thing going on) and there was lots of pasta eating. It was kind of a busy weekend, so I was really happy to sleep in today. It’s about time to rinse so off I go!