My thoughts on life

October 12, 2005


May I just state the NewEgg + FedEx = very fast delivery. By stark contrast Kohls + United States Postal Service = VERY SLOW delivery. I ordered a new color printer from NewEgg on Sunday. It will be delivered today. That’s what? Three days? I ordered a set of sheets from Kohls on the 25th of September. I got shipping “information” on the 28th, which basically stated that “We have been notified that someone will be giving us this package to deliver.” It said that exact same thing until… this morning when it said that they finally received it for shipping. Two weeks to just get it TO post office to deliver. Who knows how many days it will take them to deliver it. What this really makes me wonder is what would happen if I had chosen to use their UPS shipping? Would they get it to UPS in a timely manner or would I just pay $20 to wait two weeks and then 3 days before arrival? (sigh)

– I am very excited about the printer though. Ethan and I have been drooling over them (I think I was doing more drooling) for a few weeks now. We finally decided to pony up the dough and get a nice HP laser color printer, as I’ve had no good experiences with inkjet. I’m really excited to print some of the things I’ve made in Blender, not to mention pictures I have of friends etc. It is also supposed to print in higher resolution than my 10+ year old hp, so there are other things I’d like to print as well.

– I’m also excited about the sheets. They’re an improvement over our already nice sheets. Martex has gone from 280 thread count to 300 and they happened to be on sale. These were about half the price on sale as my original set was full price. I’m so looking forward to sleeping in them. I really ought to stop fantasizing about my sheets and get ready and go before my happy funtastic meeting…