My thoughts on life

August 12, 2005


What’s new? I am still busy at work (boo) and now Ethan is manning booths at fairs, so I don’t even have his company while I slave away. I’m really looking forward to one week from now when fairs are all done. I managed to make it to the gym on Tuesday which made me feel a bit better. I couldn’t take work anymore, so I informed the owners I was leaving and that Ethan would stay to close. They didn’t put up much argument.

– After getting out of the office yesterday at almost 8:00 I went to see Ethan at the fair and ended up talking to Jessi Gurr for quite awhile about her new business. Things seem to be going really well for her.

– Somewhat related to all the fairs, there were some pretty loud, and rather short fireworks last night. We could see them perfectly from our back yard (and hear them perfectly from everywhere in town). I’m hoping there will be more tonight.