My thoughts on life

August 6, 2005


I was just informed that I am the only Minnesotan that neither knows nor cares where Brainard (Brainerd?) is. I have decided I must simply think differently than some people. I don’t really care about geography. As long as I have a vague idea of where something is (even if it’s completely inaccurate) I’m fine. This seems to confuse some people. I don’t know why.

-I spent last weekend at Wren’s house. I had lots of fun with her family. We had food and booze and rode in a boat (prior to drinking) and then I fell asleep much earlier than I had any right to. Srange how a week of mind-bending torture (a.k.a. work) can just take it out of you. I also got to be measured by a Thai tailor for clothes. That should conclude clothes shopping for me for a very long time. If the trend keeps up, I won’t get more clothes until the current set becomes too ragged to wear in public.

– I keep thinking I need to put more content up or update this site in some other way, but work is just sucking the life out of me lately. I really, really understand Jessi deciding enough was enough and quitting. If I thought I could find a different job with equal pay and an equal or better amount of mental stimulation, I would probably follow her lead (as would the rest of the staff). My only reassurance at this point is that in a month I’ll be back in school and there’s no way I could be in the office more than 15 hours a week. It will be interesting to see how that works.

– Ethan and I have been trying to find more recipes so we’re not eating the same 15 dishes over and over again. I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job. We just recently discovered risotto, which is by the way the best food texture ever. I can’t believe I’ve gone for 21 and a half years without experiencing this stuff before. It’s not terribly hard to make either, and rice is really cheap, so there’s simply no excuse. Ethan happens to have a vegetarian cookbook with a section of risotto recipes, so we’re trying to make all the ones that sound good.

– Hmm.. I think I’m supposed to send some stuff to Wren, but she didn’t give me her email address… Til then I’ll shuffle off and play with blender some more. I have at least been adding to my gallery.