My thoughts on life

July 28, 2005


Angie and I went to the MOA this weekend. I got to buy some clothes which is really nice. Most of my pants have gone ragged and most of my shirts… I don’t know what the deal is there, but most of them are not suitable for wearing to work, and those that are are not numerous enough to get me through a single week. I do have sweaters, so this isn’t as much of a problem in cold weather, but right now, it is. I got a bunch of shirts, one skirt and one pair of pants. The most amazing part is that they are all colorful. Angie was my enforcer. She made sure I didn’t get black or gray. Now I have teal and blue and brown and green things. It’s so different for me. Unfortunately one of my tanktops that I bought is currently unwearable because the clerk left the security tag on. I called and they said they would send me something to remove it but I haven’t gotten it yet. Arrr. I’ll have to call again today if I don’t get it, especially since they said it would be shipped overnight.

– Last night the office had the most unpleasant meeting yet. The only owner present was Dian and she was not fun to deal with. She started off the meeting by passively accusing the staff of signing for advertising without consulting the owners (as far as I know, none of the current staff has ever done ANYTHING with advertising except make up ads when the owners ask, or pass information we are given on to the owners for them to deal with). When questioned if this had happened recently or if someone at the meeting was involved, Dian said she didn’t think we had to talk about it because this was just “a reminder.” I’m not sure how you can be reminded of something you’ve never heard before, and without specific examples, how you can avoid a behavior in the future… but Dian sees things differently than everyone else. Later she told us how the owners decided that despite all the work we had done so that the accounting system we use is accurate, HER accounting system wouldn’t allow her to make changes (what kind of crappy accounting software is that, and who decided to use it?) so she wasn’t going to pay attention to any accurate accounting until everything is moved over to the new system. I think the owners are lazy, uncaring and disrespectful to their staff. I’m going to be really happy when I go back to part time, and eventually leave altogether. (sigh)