My thoughts on life

July 22, 2005


Well, during the really unpleasant task of entering services for over 250 clients, most of whom have errors in their current billing, I discovered that everyone else had vacated the office, including the person who can best answer questions about the clients in question. In light of this situation, I have given up on said task until Monday because I cannot simply leave large holes in my work and somehow trudge through. I have been trying to occupy my time here since coming to my decision and have gotten to the point of looking at movie reviews on netflix (Jessi, I added you as a friend on their by the way). I found that you can look at movies which won certain awards, including the Razzies. I am happy to report my discovery that somehow Brittany Spears got worst supporting actress two years in a row for the same film (Farenheit 9/11). I’m not entirely sure what point Michael Moore was trying to make by putting her in his film, but I’m satisfied to see that quite a few people weren’t happy to see her on the screen at all.

– My friend Angie is finally back from a very, very long vacation, so she, Ethan, her boyfriend Matt and I all went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Wednesday. That movie is… well, very strange. I enjoyed it, and I must admit I liked watching annoying children meet unpleasant circumstances. Johnny Depp’s character did freak me out a little. He was demented and scary, but in a fun sort of way. Before the flick, there was a trailer for another Tim Burton film that will be coming out in the future – Corpse Bride I think it was called. I has a style similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas and looks quite fun. I find it amusing that Tim Burton seems to be following the path of Kevin Smith in that he now has a set of core actors that are in many of his films (Johnny Depp, his new wife Helena Bohnam Carter, Christopher Lee…) with others scattered in for good measure. Thankfully he chose really good actors that are fun, talented and are worth being jammed into an uncomfortable theater seat for two hours just to watch.

– That reminds me (for no particular reason) that John Cleese’s How to Irritate People is hilarious. We got that from netflix a little while ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you ever get the chance to watch it, it is certainly worth a good laugh. Cleese explains why parents are so good at irritating their children, why you can’t go too far when irritating people, and how to counter people when they are irritating you.

– Now I just need to find a way to fill the next 30 minutes and then I’m free for two days (happy dance).


I started a mini gallery online for some of the stuff I’ve created in blender. I don’t have an official link yet but the one above will take you right to it. I also don’t have a lot of stuff up yet, but then I have only been doing this for a week or so. Anyway, check it out. Let me know what you think.