My thoughts on life

July 17, 2005


Ethan made some tasty pumpkin bread yesterday. We suddenly ran into the problem of only having one bread pan, so it took quite a long time to make two loaves. I think this stuff turned out much better than both attempts at corn bread. It’s moist and flavorful. According to Ethan it’s also really bad for you (lots of sugar and oil in it…), but if you had to slather it with butter to make it edible, that probably wouldn’t be great for you either.

– Well, I’ve got my computer assembled and basically working. There were a few hitches, like for instance, having to reinstall windows (yet again) and move lots of files and reinstall programs etc. I also discovered that the built in soundcard is too complex for me to fully grasp… The settings for it don’t make any sense, like if you have four speakers plugged in, then they work, but if you have two, it doesn’t. I eventually gave up and plugged in a sound card that was hanging out upstairs. That one hasn’t given me any trouble or argument.

– Having a rediculously awesome graphics card is making me yearn for a new flat monitor. In fact, I kind of want two… Or maybe a new computer desk that could handle a flat panel and a CRT, but this one… I really like this desk. Ramble ramble. In the mean time, I installed Blender3d on my new compy and I have been enjoying trying to model simple things and generally laughing at the results. I am learning though, and I’m really excited to see what I may be able to accomplish in the next few weeks.

– We got the first disk of Nip/Tuck Season 1 and we started watching that last night. That is a really interesting show. We watched the pilot episode, which introduces the characters really well. I’ve watched the show off and on since it began, so I’ve missed a lot of episodes (the joys of not having cable for a year), but did get to catch up when they did some kind of season replay that involved showing something like four episodes every saturday for awhile. I still want to see the rest of season one so I get it all in. I would recommend that everyone watch an episode, but it’s kind of… sleazy? You’d just have to see what I mean.