My thoughts on life

June 13, 2005


In the words of Hunter S. Thompson, ‘It’s the great fucking deluge!’ It’s been raining for weeks. Right now, it’s raining so hard, I can’t see the building across the street. How insane. I’m supposed to be heading home, but I’m on the phone with someone who has an extremely slow computer, so we haven’t been able to get things fixed on account of her computer taking 10 minutes to open up ‘My computer’… We’re supposed to have enchiladas. Bah! I’m supposed to be getting some drawing done tonight too. This crazy summer. I will be very happy when class is over (9 days left). I enjoy drawing, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t take this 8 – 6 schedule much longer. My brain will give out and I’ll start getting nosebleeds or something. Bleah. Maybe I shouldn’t post things like this, people will worry.