My thoughts on life

June 16, 2005


At work I started a sort of side project where I get to do something I really enjoy: web design. This is something that if I finish (it looks like I might by the end of next week) then we’ll have a handy place for the support staff to sort of store information on how to fix things and how to do random things around the office. Basically, it will be something that someone can refer to if they have a question and no one is around to answer it, or it’s something they should know, but haven’t learned yet, or forgot, or never got a clear answer from the owners once (or over and over again, because when do the owners ever answer ANY question one of us might have?). I also had the joy of sort of tidying up a tiny bit today. Everytime we get a shipment at work, the box, along with any and all packing material, gets tossed into a corner, and then ignored. I broke down half a dozen boxes and tossed out quite a few packing peanuts. There is a vaguely noticable difference. Probably it will be back to its previous state in a few days.

– I have quite a few things to do around here now that I think about it, cleaning definitely included. No one pays me to clean here though, and I have some motivation to clean up for other people at work, where the people making messes are way too busy to do much about it. (sigh) I’m hoping to get more updating done soon. Since I’m now working with some fresh PHP, I might get the coding bug and write a whole bunch of stuff. You never know.