My thoughts on life

May 11, 2005


Recently our school sold shirts with the slogan “gay? fine by me” on them. Being a full supporter of diversity and human rights, I purchased two, one for me and one for Ethan. I just found out that this sale was part of a world wide organization which somehow makes it a lot more cool in my mind. Our school is pretty liberal after all, so I’m not too surprised when we have tolerance week and similar things. Anyway, if you want to check out their site (and maybe order a shirt of your own to let everyone know that you are not a homophobe) you can visit it at FineByMe.org.

– I finally finished all I have to do for my Software Design final project. There is going to be a presentation tonight, which will be interesting. Our class consists of 10 people, so we had two teams of five competing on the project. I think ours turned out extremely well. The strange thing is, our instructor thinks it will take an hour per team to present our projects. How much can five people talk about a text editor?

– I start full time next week. After training in over the last two weeks, I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed. I think everything I need to do can be done. It will be especially nice if Ethan can get more hours so I don’t have to answer the phone every 10 minutes and be distracted from the accounting system. We shall see.