My thoughts on life

May 9, 2005


Well, my last class is done, and there is only one final and one presentation to go, then I am… well, busier. Wow. That aside, I was reminded somehow of one of the silliest commercials ever last night and decided to find it. Thankfully, it is readily available and I got myself a copy in just a few clicks. With that, I made the first update to my site in weeks.

– I’m hoping when I settle in to my new schedule, I’ll be able to make more frequent updates and add the whole succulents section. We shall see…

– Last night, Ethan and I watched Sideways which I think was horribly misrepresented in the trailers. It is a very dark comedy that’s kind of sad. We were thinking of seeing it in the theater in Madison with Ethan’s family last Thanksgiving, but I can say now, I’m kind of glad we didn’t. I did enjoy the movie, but it turned out it is something you really don’t want to watch with your boyfriend’s family.