My thoughts on life

May 6, 2005


To end the suspense (for my tiny little readership), at work, Jessi, who has basically run the place for the last 6 or 7 months now, decided she was done with doing so much work for so little benefit. She was really in a terrible position. Perhaps I’ll go into further detail later. At any rate, she turned in her two weeks, and the owners turned to me to replace her. For this they are offering me full time over the summer and a pay raise, which is good, but I recognize that all of the duties Jessi was required to do were far too many. Basically she was given all of the responsibility of the manager who left (and was pathetically incompetant) as well as her support duties, and she wasn’t given any decision making privileges. It was a shitty position to be in really. I don’t want the same thing to happen to me basically, but I can’t turn down a pay raise and 40 hours a week. Also, there aren’t really any other people who can be trained in before Jessi leaves, and no one else knows what’s going on. I’m really not sure how all this will work out when school starts up next fall too, since I need to take a full load of classes.

– So, the reason I haven’t been posting recently is that I’ve been busy with extra hours at work, trying to learn all my new duties, plus I’ve been working on a presentation (which is now over and done with), plus the final project for software design… I’ll be really happy when the semester is over.